Monday, 6 December 2004


Spot the baby Jesus

[Nativity scene]

Lest you believe everything is twee and Christmasy in Woodbridge, let me present the case for the garish.

Ah, it's Mary and Joseph tending after baby Jesus, all made out of coloured lights. Perhaps a little garish? You've not seen half of it. Click the thumbnail to reveal the full scene.

Yes, the town that brings you hundreds of tasteful Christmas trees with white lights is also responsible for much of East Anglia's energy shortfall. See if you can find baby Jesus now. There he is, hiding behind Santa Claus. No, not the Santa on the chimney, or the one dangling precariously from a helicopter; the one who's trampling the flowers on the gate.

(I counted fifteen Father Christmases. Can anyone beat that?)

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