Thursday, 9 December 2004


Seek and reconcile

Tonight saw the first AGM of the Woodbridge and Melton Riverside Action Group. I joined the group back in July but today was the first time I heard the group's aims described so clearly and succintly.

They are to "seek and reconcile" the views of all about the riverside.

What a great phrase. The group could so easily have been set up to "oppose all plans for development" or "maintain the river as-is". But instead there's a tacit understanding that the riverside will change and that there's an opportunity to influence that change.

This is a group I'll be lending my support to much more in the coming year. But when volunteers were sought to stand on the Steering Group it was just within my powers to avert my gaze from an old acquaintence on the current Exec whose eyes were asking, "Paul?".

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