Friday, 22 October 2004


Two weddings

It's almost the Biblical way: years of plenty alternate with years of drought.

For a while, 2004 looked as if it'd be the first year in a long time I'd not attended a wedding. But by the summer, I'd been invited to two - both today.

So I opted for the closest - Rachel and Matt's. (James and Kari's was three thousand miles further afield.)

There are so many similarities. Rachel and James are both Brits marrying Americans. I know both of them through Greenbelt. And all four blog. (As I typed the links to their blogs above I couldn't help noting how domain names have been adopted as the couples combine. Is this the modern equivalent of taking your spouse's name?)

Emma and I had a wonderful evening, celebrating Rach and Matt's betrothal. Plenty of familiar faces mixed in with some new ones. Good food, drink and chat before a drive back home.

I just wish I'd been able to do a Phil Collins / Live Aid inspired dash across the Atlantic to join the other celebration too.

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