Friday, 15 October 2004

Arts , Greenbelt


My biggest surprise at Greenbelt was when I walked into the Johnny Cash tribute this year. There over at the side of the venue I spotted my Mum. I'd almost forgotten the show was on (it was Stocki who reminded me as we passed at the toasted sandwich van), but Mum had clearly been near the front of the queue, and was settling in.

"Dad loved Johnny Cash," she said when I asked what she was doing there.

This came as a surprise. I'd been aware of Johnny Cash for a long time, but never really listened to his music. I'd been totally unaware of Dad's love of his music. So the next hour was a time of learning for me, and I came away with the beginning of an understanding.

This week I bought three tracks that I heard that evening: Cash's own "The Man in Black", his cover of U2's "One" and his cover of Nine Inch Nails' "Hurt". They're on constant repeat wherever I go. I think this is the start of a longer lesson.

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