Saturday, 4 September 2004


Where we've come from

Driving from Aberystwyth to Peterborough today (I was giving Em a lift to her Mum's - it's not far off my way to Woodbridge), we passed the village of Deene. This was Greenbelt's home before Cheltenham, and I couldn't resist the temptation to stop just briefly.

[Deene Park]

It's interesting to see how far we've come. There was a lot of worry amongst organisers as to how Greenbelters would take to Centaur, Cheltenham's big indoor venue. But rather than talk about missing the green fields, the feedback I've seen asked practical questions about why you had to queue again if you popped out to use the loo.

It seems that in some ways Greenbelters have adapted to the racecourse faster than Greenbelt has. Maybe this is the last time I'll stop to look across what is after all just another green field.

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