Tuesday, 3 August 2004


Worried there

All year long - as the festival is planned - the Greenbelt marquees are referred to by very dry names such as Talks Tent One or Grandstand Talks.

Come festival time though, they adopt names that tie in with the theme. Last year's theme "Diving for Pearls" gave us Ocean, Reef and Oyster; in 2002 Snog, Peck and Smacker reflected Kiss of Life.

Being simple souls some of us find it hard to switch from the functional names we've been using throughout the year to the thematic names. More than once have I directed a bemused friend to Talks One, when I really should have said Explorer.

This confusion is worth it though - the venue names are part of what makes Greenbelt reinvent itself every year.

This year I was worried. Only today, three weeks away from the festival, have I finally seen a document that doesn't use the usual bland names. For a moment I thought we'd swapped creativity for dryness, confusion for predictability. What would be next?

The names? Well, if you want to find out, you know where to go.

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