Thursday, 22 July 2004


Who's next?

I've written to my M.P. just twice.

The first time was towards the end of 2002, when I encouraged him to explain to his colleagues why invading Iraq would be illegal, immoral and unwise. I received no response.

I wrote the second time after a crucial Commons vote when my M.P. was one of the minority that voted against the war. I wrote to thank him for his vote.

Two letters, no responses. Not even acknowledgements.

So today I was a little surprised to receive a letter from the Commons.

"Dear Mr Bennett," he wrote.

"Knowing your concern over the war with Iraq, I enclose a copy of my speech made yesterday in the House of Commons in response to the Butler report into the Government's handling of pre war intelligence and information. I do hope you find it of interest."

Right. Am I interested?

Not really. He starts off well enough (I knew there was a reason he'd spoken at Greenbelt in the past), but then can't resist the temptation to call for Blair's resignation, scoring political points as the braying hoards cheer him on. ("Pull the other one!" they shout as a Labour M.P. joins the fray.)

No, what I'm really interested in is whether anyone's prepared to say they've learned a lesson here. Were we a little to eager to invade, or are we even now drawing up a list of who's next?

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