Thursday, 17 June 2004


Sing when you're winning

All the talk at work today was of last night's performance at Portman Road. It seems Ipswich Town's stadium was a better host to music than it ever is football.

Two things interest me. First, the dream that Ipswich might play host to more arts. Second, I'm smiling in sympathy at the reports of noise disturbances.

To be fair, no-one has said it was unbearable, but many have dissatisfaction in their voice. Tales of the gig being heard miles away, but not directly outside the stadium make me even more thankful of the work Greenbelt's site crew put in to keep our noise to a minimum.

But this talk also worries me. Ipswich could be a thriving, exciting town, but it needs its arts. The town has no decent live music venues, and the thought of finding a ready-built one right at its heart is astonishing.

I hope last night was the first of many.

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