Monday, 21 June 2004


Inebriated angels

Did we win then?

Normally I'd know. Normally the behaviour of the supporters at my local would tell me. Cheers for win, violence for a lose. (There's a reason I tuck my car away on a side-street on match days.)

[The Angel: Shut]

But not today. In fact, these past two weekends have been blissful. Everything changed just over a week ago when the Police closed The Angel with immediate effect.

I used to love the pub. It's a short stumble from home, and on Sundays its cottage pie was hard to beat. The place has changed hands since then. Gone is thick Scottish accent behind the bar. Gone is the old lady (in her even older pinny) who'd bring your food from the kitchen. Gone too is the dog who - no matter how many times he was told not to - would pad out from round the back to see who's come in.

People change, places change. I'd not noticed until this fortnight just how rough The Angel had become. Here's hoping it can change back.

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