Friday, 11 June 2004


Adopt a paver

At the top of Angel Lane is Market Hill. And at its centre, the Shire Hall. It's a tall, majestic building, with outdoor stone staircases at each end, an illuminated clock and two outside cells (no longer in use).

Over the past few months, the hall's been renovated, and to fund the work the council have set up an "Adopt a Paver" scheme. For £20, you can have a brick in the square engraved with whatever you want.

[Charles & Diana]

Of course all the examples show an individual's name, but I don't like such self-aggrandisement. (Besides, consider my favourite brick - click the image on the left - to see why names aren't always the best things to cast in stone.)

Besides, if I were to leave my mark on the square, I'd like it to be more fun than my name.

"Your ad here," maybe. Or how about "This paver intentionally left blank"?

Anyone got a better idea? Leave your suggestions in the comments - they just might end up standing in the shadow of the Shire Hall.

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