Thursday, 20 May 2004


G-99 days

Last night was one of those key moments in the Greenbelt calendar. At midnight the number of days before the festival dropped to a two digit number.

This normally sets organisers' pulses racing.

Unusually I have retained a sense of calm. This may be because James has taken over management of the Media programme this year. Somehow I'm not stressed by the fact that he's leaving for the States this week, will be married a week on Saturday and won't return for the festival. This is a good thing.

Tonight, then, was James' last Media subgroup meeting, and everything looks under control. There'll be a big screen, a new-look radio station and a few other goodies. So long as I don't get roped in at the last minute, it'll be a programme strand for me to enjoy rather than fret over this year.

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