Monday, 10 May 2004


Difficult decisions

I'm on the train. Heading home after the hardest Greenbelt Management Group meeting I've ever been to. Not hard in a bad way, just lots of important business to get through. Busy.

The worst part of being involved in the festival from an organisational standpoint is seeing all the things that might-have-been. There are so many ideas that come up which we'd dearly like to follow through but can't because of logistical, financial or other reasons.

[Management Group]

And when these proposals are tables, we're so loathe to let them go that we examine them from every angle looking for a way they might work. A couple of folk will splinter off to discuss a detail, while others huddle over the site plan looking for the one piece of unclaimed space. In the midst of it all I'm trying to minute the decisions and the reasons behind them. But in the end, inevitably there are some things we have to shelve. Maybe next year.

Ah but even so, Greenbelt's going from strength to strength. We reckon we're on target to top even last year's spectacular festival. If you've never been, you really should make it part of your summer.

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