Saturday, 13 March 2004


Should be in London

I should be in London right now, at a Greenbelt Planning Group meeting. But I've been feeling lousy all week, and various things have conspired to make me cry it off.

I'll miss the Planning Group meetings. I've been going for four years or so and have made some firm friends there. It's the group that books all the content for the festival, so it's the one place you get to here all the rumours of who we've got booked first. I originally represented Angels there, but these past two years I've coordinated the Media programme: the use of TV, Radio, Text and the Internet on-site.

[Mum's Mac]

But instead of all that today I'm staying indoors. Mum's coming up to give me a bit of company and get her new laptop configured. The sort of stuff I can do with my brain turned off. The sort of stuff you need when you're feeling grim.

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