Monday, 9 February 2004

Greenbelt , Tech



I shouldn't have let him talk me into it, but Oli can be persuasive at times.

I've agreed to run a workshop at the Greenbelt Wing and a Prayer Weekend. The workshop's about blogging.

The ideas will flow soon enough, but just in case I'm short of material, do you think you could help me out?

If you read this page, please let me know:

whoblog? Who are you? Do you blog?
whyblog? Why do you/don't you blog?
whatblog? What is there to blog about?
whenblog? Regularly? Only when your life changes?
whereblog? From your desk? The road? The bog?

Even if it's just to say "Hi, I read your post today," do drop me a line.


Update, 5 March
Thanks to all respondents. I've published a summary of your thoughts.

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