Wednesday, 11 February 2004


The Postcard


While the front of the postcard was a surprise, the back stopped me dead in my tracks.

"STOP WAR," declared the image. Not what I'd expected for find in the racks at the cinema last Friday. The usual messages are about forthcoming pictures, fragrances or gadgets. Never bold declarations I'm inclined to agree with.

What stunned me about the reverse was the Methodist Church logo. It wasn't so much the denomination as the idea that a church had placed the card. Stunned and delighted.

The text explained all. "Write the 11th Commandment," it suggested. And in the small print, three words that made me smile: the card had been placed by Ship of Fools.

I should have guessed. Over the past few years, the ship seems to have become the Christian organisation that's most successfully pushing the boundaries of media in the UK. The txtmsg bible, an Internet reality gameshow and now these postcards.

I am deeply impressed, deeply thankful and deeply jealous.

This is the stuff that the Greenbelt media stream should be all about.

Posted by pab at 23:54