Sunday, 11 January 2004


The 3 Angels

[The 3 Angels]

The 3 Angels is a curious installation.

Three shapely metal figures hold aloft between each pair a TV screen providing visitor information to Ipswich. But despite siting the Angels in a covered location, the sun always glares on the screens and you can never read what they're saying.

If I had my way, I'd move the Angels into the middle of Tavern Street so people stumbled across them on their dash round the shops. Where they are they tend to be ignored by folk on their way back to the car-parks.

Is it art? (There's no information on the artist.)
Is it advertising? (It was "donated by BT".)
Is it a public service?

Whatever it's meant to be, to me it's a place to get out of the bustle of the crowds for a moment and I'll always pause there whenever I'm in town.

Posted by pab at 19:24