Friday, 12 December 2003


The gravity of December


Today was team-building at work. Or rather, "team-building" was the excuse for our extended lunchtime (I left after three hours).

And it got me thinking: this is a great thing to do, but why do we only ever have team events in December? There's a guy at work who's vehemently anti-Christmas, so excluded himself from today's meal despite the fact that it had about as much to do with Christmas as canoeing lessons. (We ate at a Mexican restaurant in Suffolk run by a woman with a thick northern accent; we weren't exactly going for authentic Christmas.)

So here's my conclusion: December has a strange gravity around it that alters behaviour. Suddenly it's time to send cards to work-mates you don't really like, time to tip the dustmen and smile sweetly in Tescos.

I wonder what it'd take to break free of its orbit and be pleasant at other times of the year.

Posted by pab at 22:21