Monday, 8 December 2003


Management Monday

[Sweet Chariot]

"I hope the champagne will appear on you blog," Pip said as we descended the escalators into Liverpool Street tonight. From the station concourse drunken voices lifted to the roof, calling on Sweet Chariots to carry them home. I'm on my chariot: the 2330 to Norwich. I'll be home just as Radio Four switches over to the World Service.

The second Monday of the month is Management Monday; I've been at All Hallows for a Greenbelt Management Group meeting. And now, as the train takes me back to Suffolk I'll be editing tonight's minutes just as soon as I've finished this entry.

The evening rounded out with what is fast becoming a tradition: Christmas drinks at Paul and Rachel Wilson's. Moments like these are intensely precious: chatting and laughing with friends, each others' secret pasts suddenly coming to the fore.

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