Thursday, 4 December 2003


Getting into the spirit

Today I received my first Christmas card of the year; and at the office, the Christmas lights were put up. I did my part too: I ran up Xsnow on my desktop. (Mac and Windows users: don't feel deprived, you can have snow too.)

Oh yes, I'm getting into the spirit. I'm spreading the word: 'tis the season. Christmas is coming.

[Brass band]

Woodbridge on the other hand, needs a bit more help.

On the way to the cinema tonight I stumbled upon the Woodbridge Excelsior Brass Band. It's late-night shopping on Thursdays in December in Woodbridge, but it seems the shopkeepers forgot to tell the public so these guys were blowing their Carols for no-one. There's something particularly charming about an audience-less brass band outside Woolies on a cold December evening.

Actually, it turns out what I'd stumbled upon was the grand switch-on of the Woodbridge Christmas lights. The fact that the lights have been on for a week might go some way to explain the apathy.

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