Wednesday, 3 December 2003


Freedom Bound

Greenbelt has a theme for next year's festival. It's Freedom Bound.

You can read more about the theme on the Greenbelt website.

I tend to interpret this as 'heading towards' freedom, but I'm intrigued by idea that in building freedom for ourselves we might be binding others. (Here's some propaganda on that issue.)

And suddenly while tapping out this short entry I'm reminded of an old Fat and Frantic lyric:

Freedom means you are allowed
to make and guard your pile
against the people who have freedom to do as they please
but haven't used it so constructively as you.
You know that freedom is a sweet word.

It's a good theme. It's exciting to wonder how it'll be interpreted over the next nine months.

(If you enjoyed the flash movie above, be sure to check out The Meatrix, another Free Range Graphics production.)

Posted by pab at 23:24