Thursday, 17 July 2003


This Year's Fashionable Colours

Three significant events in the Greenbelt calendar roughly coincide with each round of publicity. In November or so, the first very early plan of the site for the following year's festival makes the rounds. It'll keep changing right up until July, but it's the first marker that another Greenbelt's on its way.

The second event is the Daily Diary. Sometime in April or May, the big bag of events is emptied out onto a blank schedule and the shape of the festival begins to form, gigs and talks falling into the vacant slots.

The final sign, the one that indicates for sure that we'll all be in Cheltenham in a month's time, came on Monday when I caught the first sight of this year's wristband tickets. I don't remember the colour code now, but they wonderful laid out next to each other: a complete set. I'm glad to have never been canvassed on colours; I never could accessorise.

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