Saturday, 3 May 2003

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A Slow Weekend

I've sat in the same chair most of the day. It's grown dark now, but the front door is still wide open and I'm sat at my computer catching up on some writing I've been meaning to do for six months now. The pizza's gone, the wine's flowing there's a cool breeze and my thoughts are guided along by the random collage of sound effects, Elvis songs and news reports that is the KLF's Chill Out album.

This is a special kind of laziness... the kind Bank Holiday weekends were made for.

Next Bank Holiday weekend will be different. I'm best man at my brother's wedding, so I'll be chief delegator. Between now and then I have to think up a speech. I don't really feel like knocking him in the speech, but that seems to be the expected behaviour. Question: would it be a step too far to be nice, or is there a balance to be struck?

All these things and more I ponder as I lean back into the chair once more...

BTW, anyone with good stories about my brother, let me know ;)

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