Wednesday, 16 April 2003

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aqualung and the Need for Air

I go to way too few gigs these days. In fact, prior to Sunday I'd not been to any this year. It was all a bit confusing. I'd left my cash in the car, so drinks were singular (and that was bought for me). I was surprised to be surrounded by such a diverse crowd; I almost forgot how to behave.

Sunday night. Cambridge Junction. aqualung.

Another thing surprised me: two people fainted, right there beside us. (It was a hot venue.) Both young, and I suspect like me not regular gig-goers. Matt Hales' years of fronting a band shone through: he continued to the end of the song, then gently checked, "is everything alright down there?".

But this is all beside the point. aqualung were superb, adding real depth to the songs from their album. The highlight was a cover (River Song by Dennis Wilson; smart to cover a song from a deleted album), but the passion, style and vitality of the gig was distinctly their own.

Catch them if you can; the tour runs 'till the weekend.

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