Wednesday, 21 August 2002


T-2 Days

Amazed that I woke up this morning and didn't notice that the power was out. It wasn't 'till an hour or two later that I was told. Apparantly half of Cheltenham was out from 8. Thankfully power came back online at 11am, and we're back on track for getting everything set up.

Greenbelt FM now have their studio sorted, and the computers for the Internet Cafe are here. The venue's laid out for workshops, etc and starting to look like the place we began dreaming of way back.

Amongst all this, there's the usual fun... like visiting Tesco's for breakfast this morning, and pretty much taking over their cafe (about 30 Greenbelters!)... like hearing of someone hotwiring a motorised scooter / wheelchair (not sure whether to sigh in despair, or smile at the ingenuity of it).

We sent out another Festival Dispatches on Monday and I've been receiving "out of office" replies from folk telling me they'll be back at work on the 28 August. They're on their way...

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