Tuesday, 6 August 2002


People and Places

Five miles north of my house - almost exactly due north - is a farm. A pig farm. Prospect Farm. I've never been before, but on Sunday I decided to drive by there, snap a few photos, step out of the car and draw in the air a while. I tried to imagine the scene twenty-eight years ago: I'd have been two, and right here the very first in our series of festivals was starting to take shape.

There's little to see there now. I've seen photos round the office of Greenbelt '74, but couldn't connect them to the rainy landscape. It's odd... it felt very empty. I've visited Deene Park since we moved to Cheltenham, and there too I felt nothing. Even Cheltenham feels a little bare mid-year. Strange. Made me think: Greenbelt's not about a place, but a people.

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