Saturday, 9 March 2002

Coastwalk , Pembrokeshire Coast Path

Pembroke Dock → Pembroke

[Pembroke Castle]

Distance: 3.3 miles
Ascent: 289 metres
Duration: 1 hour 22 minutes

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I knew I'd be paying for it come the morning. Crossing the Cleddau Bridge once more in the car this morning, my legs were seizing up; it's a wonder I was able to drive. I parked just be the supermarket in Pembroke Dock and realised I'd not be walking far. "Just across the river to Pembroke" was my goal, and it's not surprising to know I made it.

I passed the afternoon easily enough exploring Pembroke Castle. I used to love castles as a child, and it's been years since I've been in one. It's good to know the child in me remembered how to behave; it's important to know you've climbed every turret, walked every bit of the castle wall - on all available levels, poked your head into every room, every corner, every cave. A wonderful, wonderful time.

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